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Achieve Flexible Automation with

Lead Robotics robots & components 

Cobots for any task

Lightweight and collaborative, made for human-centric agile manufacturing

Aubo i3

This small cost-efficient cobot can be safely used in applications that require small payload and reach.


Pick and place, dispensing, quality inspection are good application.

Aubo i5

The 5kg payload cobots are highly versatile with a medium reach and payload it may be applied to a large variety of tasks.

Machine tending, pick and place, dispensing and quality checking are some. 

Aubo i10

When higher payloads and reach are needed then the i10 is the best choice. It is perfect for palletizing applications and with a lifting column it easily reaches and packs two pallets.


Use also in Machine tending, grinding, polishing and dispensing 

Aubo i16

When even higher payloads are needed the i16 is the best choice.


This could be for machine tending, pick & place and certain palletizing tasks.

Palletizing kit 

With the Lead  Robotics palletizing kit your can start robot palletizing instantly. 

  • Setup in few hours

  • Support boxes, bags and buckets

  • Change part size in few minutes

  • Simple programming - let your operators do it


Plug and Play tools

Don't waste time interfacing complex tools, use plug and  play tools to quickly get started on your next project 

Electric grippers

Electric grippers are simple to setup and perfect precision work. Good for machine tending and general pick and place tasks.

Vacuum grippers

Vacuum grippers are the most versatile grippers. They can be used for light and heavy parts as long as there is a smooth surface to grasp. Ideal for handling boxes, bags and barrels. 



Robot Palletizing


Pick & Place


Machine tending

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