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6-axis force & torque sensor

Rigid and durable!

The NRS-6 is a high stiffness, durable and accurate multi-axis force-torque sensor suitable for demanding force-sensitive applications. The sensor measures both forces and torques and is ideal for tasks such as grinding, polishing, object weighing, and velocity adjustment based on payload. The NRS-6 is UR+ certified.

NRS-6 can be used with every industrial robot brand. Complimentary software have developed for the following cobots*:

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Rendering_Aubo Palletizer 2.png

Perform weight check of your boxes while palletizing and ensure that all packages contain the right content!

Active Force Control

Measure and control the force applied by robots in applications with direct contact!

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Quality Testing

Use robots to test motions and durability by applying a constant or regular force!

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