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Flexible Spindle Mount

Compensation Unit

Add flexibility to your spindles!

The flexible mount with rotational and angular compensation will ensure the necessary flexibility between the robot and the spindle. The spindle mount further compensates for tolerances, and ensure an constant force applied to workpieces with pneumatic controlled stiffness.

Tool changing? No problem!

The Nakanishi NR4040 Air-Quick-Change spindles enable you to automatically change collet holders. We have developed an AQC version of our popular flexible spindle mounts that further supports this functionality!

  • FD-30-AQC for Nakanishi NR3060 Air-Quick-Change spindles

  • FD-40-AQC for Nakanishi NR4040 Air-Quick-Change spindles

Click here to learn more about the Nakanishi AQC spindles

Can be delivered with mounting flanges for the following robot brands:



Tool changing

Using Nakanishi AQC spindles it is possible to automate the replacement of tools for multiple processing!


The flexible spindle mount is perfect for deburring and other applications where tools has direct contact with workpieces!

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