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Teach tasks using waypoints or MIMIC!

Teach, Tune & Transfer!

The EasyPolish enables users to easily automate the surface finishing of either geometric or organic shapes! The Basic version can easily be programmed to process geometric shapes using our intuitive cobot-like interface. The Advanced version is programmed to handle complex organic shapes by using our innovative MIMIC sensing technology to capture and replicate the movements of skilled workers!

Adding our NRS-6 force torque sensor, the robot can regulate the force on the workpiece to ensure a smooth and uniform result every cycle!

Custom solution?

With our polishing kit you get the required software and accessories to build your automated polishing or buffing solution for yourself or your customers.


One EasyPolish kit contains the following:

1x NRS-6 Force & Torque sensor

1x NRS-ETH Analogue to digital converter

1x EasyPolish Software License

1x Industrial Nordbo PC

All the neccesary bolts, flanges and wires

Interfaces with the following robot manufacturers:



Increase Throughput

One operator can record and teach multiple buffing cells using the MIMIC sensor technology.

Improve Ergonomics

No direct human contact with the grinding tool, keeping your workforce safe

Maintain Flexibility

Recording the buffing process can reduce the programming of new products from several days to an hour or less!

How does it work?


Step 1

Place the part within the workspace of the robot

Step 2

Click "Refresh camera" to scan the part and obtain a 3D surface model

Step 3

Use the touchscreen to mark the area you wish to grind or simply mark a linear path

Step 4

Adjust the force applied, path spacing, spindle angle etc.

Step 5

Click "Plan Program" and let the software do the programming

Step 6

Run the program and let the robot do the grinding

Step 7

When satisfied with the result, simply save the program and load it when manufacturing your next batch!

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