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Nordbo Vision 3D

3D vision to your robots!

Durable and affordable!

The N-Eye 3D camera is a industrial graded camera for your robot applications. We use the camera in many of our own applications. The camera is based on the acclaimed Real-Sense technology, but with an new and improved casing to protect the camera from dust and water.

Lens-cleaning bracket!

The camera can be further equipped with our lens-cleaning mount. The mount provides a continuoues flow of air which protects the lens from dust while operating.


Rendering_Aubo Palletizer 2.png
Pick n' place

Detect packages and their orientation within the robot workspace using 3D vision technology

3D-based path planning

Generate a 3D model of the scanned surface and automate the path planning

Kuka KR3 w. accessories - for web.png

Develop your own innovative solutions and automate complex applications

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